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Moto Actions is a great app for using your Motorola with some simple gestural commands, making everyday tasks that much easier and faster. If you want to save time, this app will help you streamline your day in a super simple way.

On the Moto Actions menu, you'll see a series of actions for modifying your Motorola. Basically, you can make small gestural movements to carry out daily tasks almost automatically. Thanks to these gestures, getting these tasks done is a piece of cake.

Some of the features available with Moto Actions include activating your smartphone's vibrate mode when you pick it up, using the fingerprint sensor to navigate, silencing all notifications by placing your Android face-down, turning on the flashlight by shaking your smartphone, adjusting your screen with the flick of your wrist, and more.

Moto Actions is a great app for improving your user experience with Motorola smartphones. Set up whatever you want according to your personal preferences, and enjoy a streamlined experience. Make your day run smoother with this app, enabling you to get things done with the smallest of movements.